Knock Out Hard Set Cement with Back-Set

Knock Out Hard Set Cement with Back-Set

Back-Set keeps your equipment looking & working great without any safety or environmental risks!

BACK SET is an organically derived concrete dissolver. The active ingredient in Back Set is derived from sugar cane and it breaks down the “Portland” in cement. Portland is the binding agent that gives cement its strength.

Application of BACK-SET is in liquid or foam form and it quickly turns hard set cement into a “mud” that can be rinsed off in water.

BACK-SET is not a dangerous good and Gloves and Eye protection are the only safety equipment required. There are no environmental controls required.

Clean your equipment and tools quickly and easily.

BACK SET saves you money! BACK SET makes you money!

  • Minimise unproductive down-time and keep your maintenance bills to a minimum by cutting out the corrosive effects of cement and the acids used to remove them.
  • No special or expensive safety equipment is required (just gloves and eye wear) to use BACK SET. No risk to you or your staff.
  • Your tools & equipment will last longer and perform as they were designed.
  • Your equipment and vehicles will always look their best - present your business at its best to your clients every time.

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We have just added Back-Set Platinum to our range.

Back-Set Platinum is a premium product for high value and difficult applications. It has all the benefits and Safety of standard Back-Set but it works even faster and penetrates deeper on the toughest of concrete. Back Set Platinum saves you and your staff time and makes your business more productive and more profitable.

Check out the Back-Set Platinum product page.