Back-Set Platinum

New Back-Set Platinum - Now Available in Australia & NZ

Easy Clean Solutions is pleased to announce the arrival of Back-Set Platinum in Australia and NZ!

Back-Set Platinum is a premium product for industrial users and difficult or high value applications.

Back-Set Platinum has all the advantages of our high quality standard Back-Set molecular cement dissolver but contains a higher concentration of the active ingredient naturally derived from cane sugar.

The Benefits of Back-Set Platinum are;

  • Faster Acting - Breaks down hard set cement to rinsable mud even quicker. Save time and make your business more productive and profitable.
  • Better Penetration - Ideal for breaking down larger and older deposits. Apply undiluted for best results.
  • Safety - Back-Set Platinum is not a dangerous good and does not require special equipment or materials handling procedures. Gloves and Eye protection are all you need.
  • Good for the Environment - Derived from natural plant based molecules that replace environmentally damaging acids.
  • Easy to use - Back-Set Platinum is a simple "spray on then rinse off" application made even easier by our range of high quality pump packs and foamers.