Easy Clean Solutions - High Quality Cement Removal Products


OML Diamond

OML Diamond stock high-quality cement removal products for New Zealand.

Exceptional Diamond Tools and associated Equipment.Through more than 25 years of experience and by working closely with customers in New Zealand and Australia, OML have developed a very strong product range.

High-speed cutting, drilling and grinding for the professional is our specialty.

We also offer an affordable, safe range of tooling with wider applications for general and specialist contractors.

With several thousand products in our range we welcome discussions regarding selecting the ideal products and how to get the most from each product to ensure the best results for our customer’s projects, big or small.

OML assemble and retip a wide range of core drills and grinding plates in Napier.

Machinery service and spare parts along with custom-made tools and machines are also centered here.

OML have a strong focus on product and operator safety.

The products Back-Set, Back-Set Platinum and Body Guard are effective and environmentally friendly cement removal products for customers involved in the cement industry including ready mix operators, equipment hire companies, building and construction firms, mining, concrete cutting and the general public.

48 Waverly Road
Napier New Zealand
0800 665 342