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Easy Clean Solutions was founded in 2005 to bring high quality cement removal to Australia. The products Back-Set, Back-Set Platinum and Body Guard are effective and environmentally friendly cement removal products for customers involved in the cement industry including ready mix operators, equipment hire companies, building and construction firms, underground mining, concrete cutting and the general public.

Easy Clean Solutions is an Australian family run business which is based in Western Sydney Australia with a network of distributors Australia wide.

Our great products and commitment to customer service has allowed Easy Clean Solutions to develop a loyal following from a wide range of clients some including:

Kennard's Concrete Care
Kennards Hire
Citi Link Piling
Downer Group
Adelaide Brighton Cement


This is what a ISUZU Concrete Truck looks like when BACK-SET and BODY GUARD are used once a week for regular maintenance and yes that’s Body Guard on the tyres.

A high pressure water unit will also assist the BACK-SET in obtaining the best possible clean. Once the truck and barrel are dry the BODY GUARD solution is brushed onto all the surfaces.

BACK-SET is an acid alternative with no fumes or odours. This safe, but effective, alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry. BACK-SET molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in Portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing the hardened cement from any surface to which it is adhered.

BODY GUARD Super Slick and Anti Stick. The active ingredients cause water and cement to "bead-up" on the trucks surface, which retards adhesion and reduces concrete build up. The foam dries and leaves an invisible shield, which protects against corrosion.

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The equipment shown is a Kennards Large Mixer Pump from one of the Kennards Concrete Care Sites. Although the pump can never be bought back to its original new condition the Back Set Platinum is able to remove the majority of the mix that adhered itself to the various parts of the inlet feed shute as well as the machine itself.

Additional benefits are also there is no need to use mechanical devices to chisel away the solidified mix. Back Set Platinum is an acid alternative with no fumes or odours, Safe for staff to use and is environmentally friendly.

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