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BACK-SET PLATINUM has all the advantages of our high-quality standard BACK-SET molecular cement dissolver but contains a higher concentration of the active ingredient naturally derived from cane sugar.

BACK-SET PLATINUM is an acid alternative with no fumes odors. This safe but effective alternative. BACK-SET PLATINUM attacks the portland cement, completely dissolving the hardened molecular structure back into rinsable mud.This type of ionic exchange has never been used  before in our industry. This product is one of a kind.

BACK-SET PLATINUM's enhanced formulation is designed to go up to 50% further than the competition, reducing both product cost and time,while preserving the environment.

BACK-SET PLATINUM is easy to use. Apply undiluted for heavy and extreme build-up removal. As a
daily cleaner for light film, and concrete splatter. BACK-SET PLATINUM may be diluted 1:1 up to 6:1. Regular use of BACK-SET PLATINUM never gives cement or concrete a chance to build up.

The Benefits of Back-Set Platinum are:

  • Faster Acting - Breaks down hard set cement to rinsable mud even quicker. Save time and make your business more productive and profitable.
  • Better Penetration - Idea for breaking down larger and older deposits. Apply undiluted for best
  • Back-Set Platinum is not a dangerous product and does not require special equipment or materials
    handling procedures.Gloves and Eye protection are all you need.
  • Good for the Environment - Derived from natural plant based molecules that replace environmentally damaging acids.
  • Easy to use - Back-Set Platinum is a simple "spray on then rinse off" application made even easier by
    our range of high quality foamers.