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  • Trigger Spray 500ml
  • 5L Container
  • 20L Container

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BACK-SET is an acid alternative with no fumes or odours. This safe, but effective, alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry. BACK-SET molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in Portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing the hardened cement from any surface to which it is adhered.

BACK-SET will save you money by protecting your equipment from the corrosive effects of cement and acid cleaners. BACK-SET is not a Dangerous Good so you reduce your maintenance spend while removing the need to carry special equipment and protective gear, in fact Gloves and Eye protection are all you need. Your equipment will always present well and perform at its best with BACK-SET.

When applied to a dry surface turns hard set cement back into rinsible mud.

BACK-SET is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. BACK-SET does not contain muriatic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric or phosphoric acids. The active ingredient occurs naturally in sugar cane syrup.